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Agricultural Balers, Agricultural laboratory testing & Inspection Services,  Animal diseases and biological products, Aquaculture feeds, Bearings and open gears in animal transport trailers , Commodity Trading and Risk Management Software, Combine Harvesters, Cotton picking solutions, Grain storage, Grain and seed Cleaning solutions, handling and conditioning solutions , Hammer mill, Farming management systems and agriculture software, Feed additives, Farm automation and robotics ,Fertigation & Foliar Spray, feed mixers and Palletizers , Farm fencing solutions, Forage Harvesters, Fruit sorting: Sorting Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Grading and Packing Machines,  GIS and remote sensing in Agriculture, Heavy-duty power transmission oil for agricultural machinery, Mineral nutrition of Fruit crops, Multi Spectral Sensors and analytics, Precision Agriculture, Poultry housing and ventilation Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation, Solar powered water pumping systems, Scalable and engaging mobile solutions for African agriculture projects, Greenhouse cropping.


Aggregates Equipment, Asphalt Equipment, Attachments, Breakers & Hammers, Compaction, Concrete Equipment, Crushing & Screening Buckets, Demolition, Dozers, Drilling & Foundations, Earthmoving Equipment, Engines and Powertrains, Equipment Management & Maintenance, Excavators, Ground Penetrating Radar, Lifting Equipment, Loaders, Motor Graders, Portable Power & Compressors, Safety and Security, Scraper, Sensors, Site Prep, Software, Surveying and Location Tools, Telehandlers, Telematics & Machine Control, Tools, Trucks & Trailers, Tires , Underground Utilities & Pipelines, Utility Vehicles, Wheel Loaders / Tool carriers, Wood Processing Equipment.


Access and Control, Automation, Bearings, Bulk handling and conveyors Chains, Consumables, Equipment and Commercial Machinery, Eco & renewable energy, Electronics, Heavy Lifting Equipment, Information and Technology, Manufacturing, Metal and Steel, Materials Handling Equipment, OEM, Packaging, Parts and spares, Plastic and Rubber, Pumps and valves, Security , Textile ,Transport & logistics and Supply Chain companies, Warehousing and Storage.


Analytical Services & Geology, Analytical Services in Mining, Contract Mining & Outsourcing, Filters & Thickeners, Energy Serving Solutions, Crushing & Milling, Drilling & Tunneling, Dust control and Suppression Engine and drive systems, Mine Design,  Mine utility vehicles, Opencast mining, Ovens & Dryers in Mining, Remote mining logistics, Plant Design, Project Survey, Rapid Development and excavations, Rigid body haul trucks, Smelting & Refining, Mineral and Metal Processing, Rigs, Bits & Rods, Tire and tire Management solutions, Ventilation & Cooling, Underground Transportation,Wear and Corrosion resistance.

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