Legrand has expanded the Arteor range of wiring devices, with the addition of ‘Arteor with Netatmo’, to make connected homes effortless. With this system, automation is more efficient and easier for designers, installers and users in modern homes.

Legrand’s ‘Arteor with Netatmo’ is a simple home automation solution that utilises traditional house wiring and is controlled through Wi-Fi. According to Legrand, through this system, contractors now have the opportunity to enhance their businesses, by supplementing their services.

‘Arteor with Netatmo’ is a collection of connected switches and socket outlets, designed to add comfort, simplicity, convenience and safety to daily life. Further to this, are energy savings, peace of mind and flexibility.

‘Arteor with Netatmo’ is a radio technology and Wi-Fi enabled solution which simplifies usage, by making complex functions in home automation easy to use. This home automation system offers end-users and electricians the freedom to create a connected, customised home by combining controls and features, to manage scenarios, create centralised functions and allow remote-control of individual functions – to suit personal requirements. Many useful functions can be implemented in the installation, using a few simple components.

The Gateway kit – consisting of the gateway and wireless master switch – is used to create the ZigBee radio network and Wi-Fi connection of the installation. This solution ensures easy and convenient control of functions in the home, using a smartphone or tablet via the Home + Control App. Users can control lighting, roller blinds and electrical appliances, from where-ever they are. And by using voice control with a voice assistant, the installation can be managed without having to lift a finger. As an example, lighting in the home can be switched on or off, with a simple instruction.

Voice-control technology makes it easier and more hygienic to control the home, by minimising the need to touch surfaces.

This system is easily integrated into existing installations, requiring no additional wiring, as it uses the existing electrical infrastructure. Legrand states, that while there are switches that will work without a neutral, depending on the application, there are also switches that do require a neutral. This means, if there isn’t one in the box, a neutral will have to be added to the installation.

To upgrade or extend an installation, ‘Arteor with Netatmo’ wireless connected controls can be paired with wired devices. Selected scenarios can be modified and upgraded at any time, according to changing needs. By using wireless switches, users have their controls always exactly where they want them.

If furniture needs to be re-arranged or small children need to be able to reach a switch, the wireless switches can be repositioned easily at any time. All functions can also be used in the traditional way via switches on the wall.

The Home + Control app is used by the installer for configuration of the entire system, based on individual requirements. Configuration is based on a set of simple steps, where each room and all functions are individually organised. This intuitive app allows the user to control all functions, while at home or remotely.

‘Arteor with Netatmo’ creates central control of lights, curtains and roller blinds and also manages scenarios in and away from the home. A single press of a button turns off the lights and closes curtains and shutters, as the user leaves home. A scenario can be set to switch off lights and socket outlets when users go to bed and in the morning they can enjoy the ‘wake up’ scenario, where a soft light comes on and curtains automatically open. It is also possible to simulate presence when no one is at home.

In the event of a power failure, fire alarm signal or safety siren while users are away, the app gives an automatic alert so appropriate action can be taken. Greater energy efficiency is achieved by checking check real-time energy consumption and doing in-depth analysis.

These functions are also controlled via voice commands, used in combination with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri. ‘Arteor with Netatmo’ can be integrated with other brands and platforms through the inter-operability programme, ‘Works with Legrand’.

Legrand’s Arteor range – with new functions, enhanced operating concepts and updated designs – provide flexible solutions to constantly changing trends in the modern world.

Through ‘Arteor with Netatmo’, which is easy to install, configure and use, Legrand is committed to making smart homes a reality for South African home-owners and the professional environment.

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