Legrand’s electrical and digital solutions for building infrastructures – which encompass control and connection interfaces, cable management, energy distribution and data distribution networks – are designed to efficiently manage lighting, energy, networks and building access.

The Legrand Group has made a substantial investment in the development of high-performance structured cabling systems that meet the demands of rising data volumes exchanged in buildings, the escalation of networks and the need for higher data speeds, as well as guaranteed continuity of service.

The advanced LCS³ structured cabling system has been developed by Legrand to address the challenges of performance, scalability and efficiency in communication networks for data transmission.

Legrand’s LCS³ copper and fibre optic cabling system, which facilitates easy installation, enables increased data transfer speeds in server rooms, data centres, audio visual systems, workstations and small IT environments. This system also meets the requirements of Local Area Networks (LANs).

The copper system offers 25 Gbps and 40 Gbps (Ethernet applications) and the fibre optic system, which is the transmission medium that enables a larger bandwidth to be used than copper cables, provides transmission speeds of 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps (Ethernet applications). Copper and fibre optic systems are suitable for MTP/MPO high density applications, up to Cat.8.

The copper range encompasses connectors, patch panels and patch cords and connectors. New tool-less RJ 45 connectors ensure a perfect connection within a few seconds, guaranteeing optimum performance of the link from the patch panel to the workstation. These components are colour-coded for identification of each category. (Cat.5e is grey, Cat.6 is blue, Cat.6A is yellow and Cat.8 is aqua).

Copper system patch panels are available in flat and angled versions, with up to 48 ports per unit. These patch panels have been designed for optimised space, allowing easy maintenance and enabling future upgrades. Other features include a fast push-button extraction facility and a cable guiding system that ensures neat cable management.

LCS³ fibre optic connectors are installed using a small patented splicer that prepares, cleaves and splices the fibre, also offering heat protection. Newly designed fibre optic panels and drawers are available in versions from 96 connectors per unit to 144 connectors per unit. These panels have sliding drawers and a push-button system for easy maintenance and upgrades.

The LCS³ system offers modularity via sliding drawers that enable a mix of fibre optic and copper, while increasing the number of connection points.

Newly-designed rack servers provide greater flexibility and optimum efficiency, ensuring optimisation of energy. Installation and maintenance are simplified by the new connector locking system and automatic pull-out sliding cassettes. With this system, it is possible to remove connectors without having to disconnect the cords.

This system is fully compatible with other Legrand solutions, including new LCS³ enclosures and Power Distribution Units (PDUs), designed for simple set-up and system integration. Wall-mounting cabinets can be fitted anywhere where aesthetic quality is important.

Legrand’s new cord locking system, which prevents accidental disconnection, is an important safety addition to C13 and C19 sockets. For enhanced safety and optimum control, specially designed protection accessories enable control of the power supply at the outlets, offering protection against over-voltages.

The local operation enhances its electrical and digital building infrastructures with a comprehensive solutions-based service that encompasses technical consultation and system support.

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