Included in BMG’s extensive range of Tsubaki high-performance chain, is the robust Workhorse elevator series, which offers enhanced strength and reliability, a cleaner environment and extended operating life.

“Workhorse elevator chains – manufactured for high-strength and durability – are designed to resist the abrasive and demanding forces of aggregate elevators. This chain is particularly well-suited for use in aggressive bulk material handling environments with harsh fine particulates like cement, lime, gypsum, coal, fertilizer, grain and sugar,” says Carlo Beukes, Business Unit Manager, Power Transmission division, BMG. “Carefully-selected high-strength steels, advanced manufacturing processes and refined heat treatments, ensure maximum fatigue strength and protection against failure, even when these chains are used in the most severe applications.”

The Workhorse 5800 and 5900 series, with average tensile strength ratings (ATS) between

65 909 kg and 129 545 kg, can be upgraded with various plated pins, bushings and joint seals – individually or in combination – to ensure dependability and enhanced wear-resistance.

An important feature of this series is that extended bushing barrier seals prevent abrasive materials from entering and attacking chain joints. The chain bushings are extended beyond the inside sidebars to minimise the clearance between the outside bars and the bushings. This in turn creates a solid barrier that inhibits abrasive material from entering the pin/bushing joint.

The wide face seal, which is manufactured from a high-temperature engineered polymer, encircles the extended bushing and provides an additional particulate resistant barrier to help protect the joint, thus minimising contamination.

A patented Stainless Steel internal ring seal holds tight onto the pin and rotates within a groove in the bushing to create a labyrinth to prevent debris from getting into the pin/bushing area.

Workhorse chains are manufactured by Tsubaki USA and are generally available from BMG throughout Southern Africa, within six weeks after receipt of order. This makes planning a lot easier for plant maintenance.

BMG supports the complete range of Tsubaki power transmission components with a technical advisory and 24-hour back-up service.

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