Vert Energy’s DEIF power management products offer dependable protection and optimum control in PV installations

Vert Energy – which keeps abreast with the latest global trends in sustainable solutions for renewable energy – has recently completed a solar power control installation for ONIT Developments, at the Point Business Park in Gauteng.

This project, which involved the design and installation of generator controls for a new solar power system, has resulted in a dependable source of power at the business park, which is environmentally-friendly, safe and cost-efficient. Fuel-consumption and emissions are reduced, and maintenance requirements of the system are minimal.

“Apart from substantial cost-savings on the utility bill and the assurance of dependable power for the business park at all times – even during load-shedding – this installation, with remote-monitoring and a remote access capability, offers our client full control over the system, from anywhere in the world,” explains Jacques Opperman, sales and support engineer for Vert Energy’s DEIF power management products. “This installation involved the integration of electric power generation products, including power from the national grid, a rooftop solar plant, generator and controls.”

DEIF power management products – encompassing genset controllers, protection relays and interfaces, as well as switchboards and panels – have advanced control technology features for optimum performance, high accuracy, improved safety, minimal maintenance requirements and reduced downtime.

To ensure high-efficiency, protection and control of this installation, Vert Energy has installed DEIF automatic genset controllers (AGCs) for applications including back-up power, start/stop, synchronisation and load-sharing. DEIF automatic sustainable controllers (ASCs) are used to maximise sustainable power penetration, depending on the total load demand to the hybrid, without compromising constraints, such as minimum genset load demand. This fully control-integrated system is the first sustainable control solution for renewable energy of its kind, which provides a safe and reliable link between renewable energy inverters and traditional diesel generators.

In this installation, an AGC–4 controller manages and controls the incoming line from Eskom; the AGC-150 controller offers control and protection to the generator, while the ASC–Solar controls the photovoltaic (PV) solar plant. Automatic load controllers (ALC) controllers are used to control load feeder breakers.

Historically, system integrators have encountered challenges when integrating multiple control systems between the PV controller (inverters) and that of the generator. The benefit to the client in this instance, was that the DEIF ASC–4 Solar seamlessly integrated with the generator’s controller, without any bespoke PLC programmes and additional interfaces. The result was a total power management solution of the utility, PV and the generator.

The busines park owner also upgraded the supply transformer on-site to accommodate heavy demand and to ensure the facility doesn’t exceed the rated power during operations and can operate efficiently during load-shedding. Lightning protection devices have also been fitted to prevent damage to equipment on site.

With the growing trend to utilise PV technology to convert solar energy to electricity, Vert Energy specialists stress the importance of incorporating quality branded electric power generation products into gensets and the need for technically-competent support, to ensure dependable performance of every PV system.

Apart from focusing on alternative sources of electricity production, particularly solar power, Vert Energy also focuses on the supply and support of power generation components for diesel and gas engines. The company’s field services encompass re-assembly, installation and commissioning, inspections and diagnostics, as well as on-site maintenance and repair work.

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