BMG’s agricultural services to Zambian farmers enhance efficiencies for increased productivity and greater profitability

BMG’s agricultural services to Zambian farmers enhance efficiencies for increased productivity and greater profitability

BMG’s service to Zambia’s agriculture sector focuses on the importance of the investment in quality equipment and components for high efficiencies and optimum productivity across all farming disciplines.

“Through dedicated BMG branches in Lusaka and Kitwe and with distributors in Mkushi, Mazabuka and Choma, the company is able to offer the Zambian agri-sector quick access to quality components, which are supported by the team’s technical sales team in country.

“Through BMG’s Boer Slim/Smart Farming concept, the company’s agricultural experts based in RSA work closely with farmers throughout Southern Africa, to help them cope with constantly changing trends in agricultural machinery,” says Brendan Kitcat, BMG’s Branch Manager, Lusaka, Zambia. “We have recognised a greater acceptance by local farmers that advanced equipment is necessary to optimise productivity and minimise downtime and that this investment does translate into tangible operational efficiencies. Farmers acknowledge that there is value in BMG’s BTC agri-component product offering.

“BMG offers farming sustainability solutions that focus on effective food production, the correct use of suitable equipment for the specific task and the efficient application of advanced technologies. The company’s extensive range of engineering components, which conforms to all relevant quality assurance and specification certifications, is carefully selected for local farmers, to ensure optimum performance – even in tough operating conditions.

BMG’s electronic, fluid technology, tools and power transmission components have been carefully selected to operate together, to form an efficient system that enhances productivity and energy efficiency.

An important focus is on the selection, installation and operation of advanced electromechanical systems – including Motoline solar inverters and electronic variable speed drives (VSDs), which are designed to improve efficiencies, reduce energy consumption and minimise maintenance requirements.

BMG’s Motoline solar inverters for water pumps offer dependable use in agricultural irrigation and water feed systems, for rural domestic and municipal water supply, as well as for ponds and dams.

All solar powered systems require a solar inverter to convert direct current (DC) generated by solar panels or other alternative sources, into alternating current (AC) for use in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

BMG’s Motoline P19000-S Solar series inverters for photovoltaic (PV) water pumps have integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithms, which support accurate tracking of the PV output, to ensure the best possible power output is achieved.

Notable features of these solar inverters include dry-run protection, tank water level control and a dual AC and DC supply mode. This series supports AC input connectivity, in addition to the DC input from a PV system, allowing the AC input to feed the drive when the PV supply is limited. A clear LED display indicates the real-time situation and system parameters and the RS485 remote control system enhances the flexibility of the system.

BMG, which is an authorised DrivePro® service partner of Danfoss, has supplied Danfoss VSDs to farmers looking to accelerate and expand crop production, but who are restricted by power supply limitations.

Positive feedback from farmers is with this energy-efficient system, there are no voltage dips when the process is started up and wear and tear on mechanical components is reduced. Production is less labour intensive, which reduces his shift costs.

BMG has also assisted farmers who needed to reduce the cost of irrigation per hectare. After the installation of VSDs on pump sets, the power supply is used more efficiently, resulting in improved crop production and expansion of the farmers’ supply to include other produce.

Danfoss VLT AQUA Drive FC 202 VSDs – which offer saving additional energy savings compared with traditional VSD controls – have been designed for water and wastewater applications, including irrigation. A notable feature of this system includes a soft start/stop facility, which prevents water hammer on starting and stopping the pumps, thus reducing the possibility of burst pipes. Wear and tear on couplings, pumps and pipes is also reduced.

These VSDs are available from BMG in IP55 enclosures, which do not require dedicated panels. This eliminates the need for additional cooling and ventilation, normally required to extract heat during operation.

BMG’s high-quality replacement agricultural components are engineered to improve productivity in the farming sector, to operate efficiently for extended periods, with minimal maintenance requirements and to reduce costs in the long term.

Recently-launched agricultural components include slogging hammers and wheel sloggers, which are used to loosen and tighten bolts and nuts quickly and easily; BTC gearboxes, specifically designed for packhouses and robust Tsubaki RS100HT chain for balers, with a 25% higher maximum tensile strength, improved anti-shock performance and greater fatigue strength, when compared to other chain.

Dual direction multi-purpose gearboxes, PTO clutches and components and specially designed heavy-duty coulter bearings are also new to the range.

Immediate availability of a comprehensive range of quality branded products, technical support and a total solutions service, sets the company apart in Zambia’s agricultural community.

The Zambian operation has partnered with Aqua Aura – T-L Centre Pivot agents in Mkushi -to supply consignment stock in the region.

BMG provides solutions to all key players in Zambia’s agricultural sector, including local manufacturers of equipment and implements, as well as agricultural re-sellers and the farmer.

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