Kito hoists for safe and stable operation

Becker Mining South Africa’s distributor in Rustenburg – Tech-North Rustenburg (Pty) Ltd – has secured an order for 26 Kito electric and manual chain hoists and accessories, for a processing plant at a mine in the North West Province.

“This robust lifting equipment is to be installed in the processing plant and will play a critical role during installation of machinery and thereafter for necessary maintenance,” explains Rick Jacobs, Senior General Manager (SGM) for Consumables, Becker Mining South Africa. “Adherence to the strictest safety standards is critical in every aspect of a mining operation, which is why the investment in dependable, industry-approved equipment is essential. To maintain safe and stable operation, it is crucial that hoists are correctly used by properly trained operators and that they are tested regularly at a certified repair centre.

“Kito lifting equipment, which meets stringent quality and safety specifications, has been used in South Africa’s mining sector for many years and is known globally for efficient and safe performance, low maintenance and extended service life. The strength and reliability of these energy-efficient hoists is in the sophisticated design and a meticulous manufacturing process, in line with Japan’s immaculate standards.”

This project comprises the delivery of 19 5 T Kito ER electric hoists, with dual speed lifting and traversing, with various lifts and the convenience of remote-control operation. The order also includes three 5 T Kito manual chain hoists with a 5 m lift and two 15 T Kito manual chain hoists with a 4.5 m lift, all with overload limiters, geared crawls and suspenders. Becker Mining will also supply one 2 T manual chain hoist with a 4 m lift, with an overload limiter and geared crawl.

The dual speed inverter of Kito ER electric chain hoists improves efficiency and ensures easy operation, precise positioning and minimal downtime during installation and maintenance procedures. This design also reduces load swing and ensures smoother movement than a conventional pole change motor. The high to low-speed ratio can be adjusted for even starts, improved low speed stops and accurate positioning.

These lightweight hoists have a compact aluminium die-cast body that is structurally strong. The IP 55 rated enclosure offers protection against dust and water, which is critical in many applications. For reliable and safe operation, a standard thermal protector prevents the motor from burning out due to excessive usage. An emergency stop button is standard to allow the motor power to be disconnected in an emergency, without disrupting the main power supply.

A double safety mechanism, consisting of a friction clutch and an upper-lower limit switch, enhances safety and prevents hoist damage. The electromagnetic brake delivers strong braking power, while holding the load securely.

Kito manual chain hoists have a solid construction for durability and ball bearings increase mechanical efficiency and ensure minimal effort is required for smooth and safe operation. Because the number of parts is limited, maintenance is reduced and dis-assembly and re-assembly is effortless.

High strength, nickel plated load chain for all Kito hoists increases resistance to wear and corrosion. The forged carbon steel hook has been designed to open gradually and will not fracture under excessive load. Top and bottom hooks are equipped with a hook latch and the bottom hook swivels 360 degrees to prevent kinking and twisting of the load chain.

Kito trolleys are available as motorised, plain and geared, to provide smooth, precise and easy traversing and positioning.

Delivery of this equipment to the mine is expected at the end of May 2021

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