One crimping tool performs four efficient operations

Legrand’s Starfix ferrules, cable crimping tools and applicators, which form part of the company’s comprehensive cable management system, are designed for new installations and renovations in commercial installations, offices and domestic environments.

According to Legrand, the outstanding feature of this hand tool is that it efficiently performs four functions in one operation, offering time savings of more than 50 % compared with traditional tools that complete the same tasks. The Starfix crimping tool cuts, strips (with a side thrust), twists and automatically crimps each Starfix ferrule onto the cable.

This easy to operate tool has a fully adjustable wheel which is set to the cross section of the cable. The cable is then cut to the required length, automatically stripped and then twisted by tightening the tool and pulling the cable to remove the insulation. Ferrules, with an insulating flange, are then dispensed and crimped. The flexibility of this tool enables right and left-handed users to easily perform these functions.

For immediate recognition of the appropriate cross-section of ferrules, they are colour matched with applicators which have a transparent, removable protective cover. Ferrules are manufactured in strips for simultaneous separating and crimping. For easy handling and convenience on site, they are supplied in sachet or box packing. As the last remaining ferrules are held firmly in the box packing option, there is never any wastage. Accessories include cutting and crimping blades, as well as fixing components.

New to the range are Starfix applicators which are available in yellow (for ferrules with cross sections between 0,25 mm² and 0,34 mm²) in red (for ferrules with cross sections between 0,5 mm² and 2,5 mm²)and orange(for ferrules with cross sections between 4 mm² and 6 mm²).

Starfix ferrules, with insulating flanges provide an equipotential link for all the strands of a flexible conductor. These ferrules can accommodate cables in the single-in-strips format, or in single individual sachet packing, in cross sections from 0,25 mm² to 6 mm².

Single individual ferrules in box packing are colour coded in brown, white, black, red and blue. Double individual ferrules are available as 2 x 0,75 mm², 2 x 1 mm², 2 x 1,5 mm² and 2 x 2,5 mm²

Empty colour coded refill applicators are designed for user convenience, reducing the need for re-loading.

Legrand also supplies this cable marketing system in kit form. Kits consists of a crimping tool for crimping up to a 6 mm² ferrule and various individual ferrules between 10 mm² and 50 mm².

A toolbox for onsite use, containing Starfix, Cab 3 and Duplix marking systems, is also available from Legrand and its national distributor network. A technical advisory and support service is offered.

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