Licence marking completed at Cabinda phosphate project in Angola

Licence marking has been completed at Cabinda phosphate project in Angola. Minbos Resources announced the report and said they have markers installed that outline the Cabinda Phosphate Licence. This is part of the company’s condition of its Mineral Investment Contract for the phosphate project

In accordance with Angola’s National Mining Agency, Article 147 of the Mining Code, the company has marked out the corners of the Cabinda Phosphate Project licence area. Technovia, an Angolan EPC company and key Minbos project partner, surveyed and installed four concrete posts cornering the Cabinda Phosphate Project license area.

Minbos Resources’ plan

The company is planning to complete a 14-t bulk sample, with phosphate eock material from the high-grade zone (+29% P205).The bulk sample will be shipped to the International Fertilizer Development Centre (IFDC) for further granulation processing, field and greenhouse trials.

The Cabinda Phosphate Project is the first step in developing a high impact self-sustaining agricultural sector throughout Angola and middle Africa and the first step in alleviating poverty for millions of subsidence farmers who use no soil nutrients

Minbos Resources’ plan is to mine Phosphate Rock from the Cácata Deposit and transport it to Porto de Caio where a granulation plant will be built and operated at the industrial site to produce Enhanced Phosphate Rock (EPR) granules. The EPR granules will become the P nutrient feed stock to blend with imported Nitrogen (N), and Potassium (K) granules in NPK blending plants to exact specifications suited to Angolan crops and soils.

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