It’s all in the packaging

It’s all in the packaging

Conceptainer specialises in the custom-design and local manufacture of labelling, packaging, transport and storage solutions for many industries, including the automotive sector.

These high-performance products comprise labelling, storage and packaging products, that encompass collapsible thrift bins, spillage boxes, label holders, pallet-free bulk bags, repair tape and anti-static poly propylene corrugated board.

“Our team works closely with customers throughout Africa, in automotive, mining, food and beverage, warehousing and freight and we customise our products to suit specific requirements and to efficiently overcome packaging challenges,” explains Ken Mouritzen, Conceptainer. “Conceptainer’s flexible systems are suitable for customers in the automotive industry, who either need to ship components great distances or deliver parts locally. It is critical that goods and products are easy to identify and locate and that they are correctly stored and securely packaged for transporting.

“Our turnkey industrial packaging solutions have been developed to protect product integrity and for reliable stock control, also ensuring efficient handling, stacking and storage. Cost efficiency is also critical in product development.”

Conceptainer’s Thrift™ recyclable bulk collapsible bins, which weigh only 28 kgs when empty, are an efficient system for the storage and transportation of automotive components, including plastic moulded parts and seat components, as well as hood and boot linings. Empty bins can be stacked 12 high and are designed to be moved easily around an automotive plant during assembly and are transported efficiently from the plant to the customer and then returned back to the plant for re-use. This concept substantially reduces the costs involved in the supply of products and the recovery of containers.

Thrift bins are available in sizes of 1 200 mm x 1 000 mm and 1 700 mm x 1 000 mm, with wall heights of 700 mm. For customised branding, they can be printed in colour to include a company name, logo, product description and any personalised information required.

Special materials are used in the manufacture of these bins, which include polypropylene, high density polyethylene and aluminium. Plastic liners can also be used for enhanced protection.

Conceptainer offers a repair and maintenance service for damaged bins, which extends the service life of each Thrift bin, enhancing the efficiency of this system.

Conceptainer spillage boxes, which are manufactured from corrugated polypropylene board, are customisable to any size for efficient storage and organisational needs.

Marken label holders have been developed by Conceptainer for attaching control documentation to bins, crates and racking in the automotive sector, to prevent data inaccuracies. These sturdy label holders are re-usable, hygienic and easy to keep clean. They also have high impact resistance and are unaffected by ultra-violet rays and challenging weather conditions. They also resist absorption of contaminants, offering extended service life in all conditions.

The conventional means of fixing control documentation, using adhesive cards or clear pouches, is often unsightly, uneconomical and has a short operational lifespan. Conventional pouches easily disfigure and eventually tear or break. Added to the inconvenience of this, unattractive adhesive residue can be retained on the container or racking when removed.

Conceptainer’s durable, lightweight label holders are manufactured to the required size, using polypropylene – which can be re-cycled – as a contribution towards reducing carbon footprint. These label holders are available in blue, black, grey and also in specified corporate colours to enhance a company’s brand. The vertical chamfered edges of the holder are adaptable to suit most packaging designs. This labelling system can also be attached to trolleys, containers, racking and shelving.

Marken label holders allow horizontal and vertical movement of packaging when labels are in position and by inverting the label holder, it can accommodate an A4 sheet vertically. The replaceable plastic document clips can be moved to various positions on the label holder to suit stock control sheets. This system enables scanners to read card information easily, thus preventing data inaccuracies.

TELLAP pallet-free bulk bags have been developed in South Africa for safe and efficient packaging and transport of dry, loose and bulk products – including automotive components.

TELLAP, which offers cost savings, ease of use and enhanced safety for workers, also ensures optimum protection of the goods being transported. This environmentally sustainable system meets demand from industry for a lightweight packaging and transport system, that not only minimises product contamination and damage, but also adheres to stringent safety and environmental regulations in the global supply chain.

Robust TELLAP pallet-free bulk bags, which are manufactured from 100% recyclable polypropylene, consist of a proprietary bulk bag and two strong plastic sleeves that are integrated into the base of the bag to replace the conventional wooden pallet. This design allows a standard forklift truck to safely raise the bag from the base, with no requirement for special handling equipment. What’s also notable is a regular wooden pallet can weigh up to 23 kg, while the compact TELLAP system weighs less than 2.3 kg.

This patented packaging system uses the space between the sleeves to increase bag volume by up to 10%. TELLAP optimises container volume for lightweight minerals, like graphite or carbon, by increasing bag volume, thereby reducing transport costs per metric ton. As an example, where users ship 20 bags of heavy product on traditional wooden pallets, they will be transporting approximately 400 kg of dead weight, while 20 pairs of TELLAP sleeves weigh only 46 kg. This means users are able to transport more product at no additional cost, reducing transport costs per metric ton, while reducing the number of bags, trucks and containers.

TELLAP bags can be stacked securely two high in a container or four high in a warehouse and are loaded and unloaded by a single forklift operator. Unlike conventional wooden pallets, which can be unstable and move during shipment, TELLAP sleeves act like outriggers on a canoe, bracing the bag to increase stability and enhance safety in warehousing, containers, rail cars and trucks.

Conceptainer’s polypropylene repair tape, which has been developed for patching bulk bag damage, blends with the specific bag colour and weave, resulting in an almost transparent repair. Anti-static board, with fire retardant properties is made of corrugated polypropylene board for durability.


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