The Air That We Breathe

The Air That We Breathe

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) millions of deaths are caused each year by indoor air pollution. This is a great concern, as the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing people to work from home and for families to spend more time indoors.

This shift in lifestyle has seen a global trend for households to invest in air quality monitors to ensure a healthy home and working environment.

Legrand specialists encourage the investment in an air quality monitor that provides an accurate and clear reading of the home environment. By monitoring indoor air quality, families enjoy a more comfortable and healthier home life and parents – with babies and young children, who are more susceptible to air pollution – have greater peace of mind. Those working from home are more productive in a healthy space, with cleaner air, that is free from potentially harmful chemicals and pollutants.

Indoor pollution can be caused from excessive dust, emissions from household cleaners, high humidity, or as a result of building materials used during construction or renovations. Inadequate ventilation can also increase indoor pollutant levels, by not allowing sufficient fresh air inside the home.

The local Legrand team advises homeowners that indoor air can be polluted up to five times more than outside air. High humidity in the home leads to growth of bacteria, fungus and yeast, making the air heavier. Constant exposure to contaminants can lead to many health issues, including irritation of the eyes, nose and throat; headaches, dizziness and fatigue and asthma.

Legrand’s Netatmo smart systems comprise indoor air quality monitors, which are easy to install, configure and manage.

The installation of Netatmo indoor air quality monitors enable homeowners to easily enhance their living environment, by monitoring air quality, humidity, temperature and sound levels and by taking the necessary actions when these factors are not optimal.

It’s really simple. Netatmo air quality monitors communicate all necessary information about the home environment directly to a smartphone and allow users to view data history. By tracking various parameters and receiving real time alerts when the home environment changes, users are able to take the necessary steps to maintain a constantly healthy environment.

Good indoor air quality means easier breathing, healthier sleep patterns, the removal of allergens and pollutions and the elimination of unpleasant odours.

Legrand’s Netatmo range also includes security products, energy solutions (including heating products and thermostats) and weather stations.


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