Accelerating provincial tourism through music

Accelerating provincial tourism through music

Music has powerful means of connecting people, places, and cultures. The Joy of Jazz Music and Lifestyle Expo 2022 aims to create a platform that welcomes provincial tourism authorities to feed into the music eco-system that generates rich social, cultural, and economic benefits.

With the City of Johannesburg as the Destination Event, Gauteng Tourism is likely to see an influx of music lovers from across the country and continent flock the city to attend this sought-after event. Local airlines, businesses, hotels, shopping malls, tourist attractions and public transport are likely to see a favourable economic boost during the show week.

The Joy of Jazz Music and Lifestyle Expo serves as a roadmap for the provincial tourism sector to market social, cultural, and musical experiences that will have a spin-off on the tourism value chain, highlighting hidden gems and local products that will attract increased tourist numbers into their provinces.

As a platform not only tailored for music, the Expo is also designed to allow brands and businesses that form part of the music and lifestyle business value chain, an opportunity to experience increased economic value. The Expo will provide networking opportunities, connecting people with brands and unlocking opportunities for the tourism sector, as well as SMME’s.

Featuring a number of local artists, bands and jazz musicians, hailing from various provinces in South Africa, the Expo connects talent with business and will allow meaningful partnerships with tourism authorities on future campaigns to entice tourism through music.

The music, arts, and lifestyle arena drive value for socio-economic development. It fuels job creation, economic growth, tourism development, artistic growth and strengthens a city’s brand.

Ensuring access to a variety of stakeholders, let us use this platform as an opportunity to build new relations that will forefront a music tourism strategy that cities can leverage to host festivals and display historic musical landmarks.

The planning community behind the Joy of Jazz Music and Lifestyle Expo are thrilled to create a platform that enables you to bring the business of music to life and live the experience.

As the beat of drums and smooth sounds of the saxophone echo through the concrete jungle on 25 and 26 November, 2022, let it lure music lovers to explore the South African borders and tap into the power of music to create more unified, vibrant, and wealthy communities.

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