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The MF 9300: a serious sprayer at an affordable price

Volksrust farmer Japie Landman was looking for a no-frills yet high-quality sprayer. The latest MF 9300 has more than satisfied his requirements.

Such has been the success of Massey Ferguson at the Jajola Boerdery near Volksrust, Mpumalanga, that current owner Japie Landman is now the third generation of his family to use the brand.

“My grandfather owned a Massey Ferguson, as did my father,” says Landman. “While it was logical for me to follow in their footsteps, sentiment can only take you so far. So I did my homework and discovered that the prices were very competitive.

“We also know the MF dealer, JWL, and the service is good, which was an important consideration.”

Landman, who was in the market for a sprayer, didn’t take long to make his decision: the latest MF 9300 self-propelled sprayer.

Jajola Boerdery is a cattle and sheep farm that has diversified into wheat and maize.
Having long-standing clients like Jajola is vital for the success of both the dealer and AGCO Africa. Good after-sales service is important, says Werner Nel, managing director of JWL.

“We believe in long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect. This means we become the farmer’s mechanisation partner, looking after all of their support requirements.”
Nel adds that there was definitely a gap in the market for the robust, entry-level MF 9300 in the sprayer range.

Delivering precision, capacity and comfort, the straightforward MF 9300 is designed to cover more hectares per day, while minimising operating costs. It is aimed at small- and medium-sized farms, and operators appreciate its simplicity, strength and value, says Landman.

“I think it’s a more simplified sprayer in the sense that, while it has the necessary functionality, it encompasses all of the technology needed.

“What I like about the MF 9330 sprayer is that it comes with certain standard features included, unlike other sprayers on the market where these are add-on features that inflate the price tag.

“The sprayer also has very good ground clearance, so you can comfortably come in late during the season to spray the maize lands. As a result, you have more time on hand and aren’t as rushed to get the spraying done.”

Precision engine performance
The MF 9300 is fitted with the AGCO Power 6,6-litre Tier 3 engine. With unmatched fuel economy when coupled to the machine’s hydrostatic drive system, the power and torque characteristics surpass that of its competitors, a statement by the company says.

The engine is programmed to create maximum torque when the drive system requires it, providing 790Nm at 1 800 rpm.

The combination of latest engine technology and excellent build quality guarantees optimal fuel efficiency, maximum power, reliability and longevity, according to the statement.

Cross-drive transmission
The MF 9300 features Bosch Rexroth components in its cross-drive transmission. With huge torque and no loss of traction, the sprayer can be controlled in even the toughest conditions.

Two large-capacity 90cc variable- displacement pumps drive opposing wheel motors on the front and rear of the machine. The hydrostatic drive system has a poly link between the flywheel and the first pump as a fail-safe in the event of a pump failure.

A unique feature is an additional double-acting valve in the hydrostatic drive system. Most hydrostatic machines require 26 bars of pressure from the pumps before the wheel motors accept oil. This, in turn, results in the engine running at over 2 000 rpm and, in some cases, up to 2 500 rpm.

The double-acting valve allows the wheel motors to accept oil at seven bars, which occurs at a low 1 250 rpm. When the system hits 26 bars at 1 800 rpm, it allows for full torque from the engine and transmission with the fuel economy normally seen only in a hydro sprayer.

C-flex chassis
The fully bolted C-flex chassis gives the MF 9300 the ability to traverse channels, banks and contours that few would attempt.

The frame is not welded at any point, which means that when the suspension runs out of travel, the chassis itself flexes. This helps to keep all the wheels in contact with the ground, ensuring the safety and agility of the MF 9300 even under the most adverse conditions, the statement says.

Manufactured from high-rupture-resistant material, the large C-rails of the chassis add to the machine’s robustness, giving the operator peace of mind, no matter how demanding the terrain.

The active airbag suspension is simple and dependable, delivering a smooth ride on the land as well as on the open road during transport.

Each airbag is controlled by its own dedicated mechanical valve, ensuring that the ride adjusts to every change in conditions. The suspension is fed by a large 20ℓ reservoir with a mechanically driven compressor at the engine and two conveniently located outlets for cleaning the nozzles and cabin.

“The suspension system not only offers a comfortable ride, but has a longer service life, as shock loads are soaked up by the suspension and not the chassis and boom. Many of the parts used in the suspension system are commonly used heavy-duty truck components, such as sway bars and shackles, that require no maintenance.”

The boom design, which has been used by AGCO for years, has added strength to handle arduous conditions. The boom is strong, reliable, and floats well, even in high-speed spraying applications.

The booms are available in 28m or 30m widths, with the following options fitted as standard to every machine:

  • Section control (seven sections, all boom widths);
  • Fence line nozzles;
  • Norac auto boom-levelling with five sensors, boom suspension on the centre section;
  • Hypro triple nozzle bodies;
  • The ability to run with the wing tips folded (19m).

Additional standard boom features include breakaway with soft return, boom skids, transport locks, and work lights for night work.

Spray system
The 3 000ℓ tank has dual hydraulic agitators and a single oscillating tank rinse nozzle fed by a 240ℓ freshwater reservoir. The tank sits in a cradle that enables the chassis to flex if required beneath the tank. Features include an adjustable agitation rate and high- and low-level tank sensors.

The main sprayer pump is a 549ℓ/ min Hypro Force Field run-dry pump controlled by a pulse width modulaton valve. The MF 9300 keeps the pump running at precisely the right rate to maintain the correct output of the product, even during speed changes.

The 568ℓ/minute reload pump, a standard feature on the MF 9300, allows the operator to fill the tank quickly from dams and tanks when necessary.

The MF 9300 cabin provides an ideal environment for getting through a tough day’s work. It is simple, uncluttered and functional to maximise operator comfort and safety. Controls are within easy reach and there is a generous amount of space to reduce fatigue, especially when spending long hours behind the wheel, according to the statement.

Digital technology
The MF 9300 has been fitted with the latest digital technology to assist with accuracy and data recording. It is factory-fitted with autonomous auto-steer, which can be upgraded to sub-metre at any time. If higher precision is required, it can be upgraded to RTK.

To monitor productivity, all jobs and spray data can be recorded on the C3000 terminal and easily stored on a flash drive for record-keeping and data analysis.

The MF 9300 is fitted with telemetry, offering the ability to track and monitor machines from anywhere, which provides an insight into the machine’s operational efficiency and any potential breakdowns.


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