New fall arrest system improves safety

FALLS from height continue to be a leading cause of injury and death in various industries, prompting SGB-Cape to launch a new fall arrest systems service. The company aims to provide customers with the necessary equipment and training to prevent such incidents.

The new fall arrest systems service will complement its existing range of safety equipment and services and will provide a comprehensive solution for fall protection in the workplace.
SGB-Cape is a division of WACO Africa and a leading provider of industrial scaffolding safety equipment and services for the construction, mining, and oil and gas sectors in Africa.

SGB-Cape’s Fall Arrest Systems service includes the supply and installation of fall arrest anchor points, horizontal and vertical lifelines, and a range of personal protective equipment, including full body harnesses, lanyards, and energy absorbers. In addition, the company also offers training and certification in the proper use and maintenance of fall arrest equipment to ensure that customers are fully compliant with industry regulations and best practices.

SGB-Cape’s team of experienced and qualified technicians is equipped to install fall arrest systems in a wide range of environments, including difficult-to-access areas such as rooftops and high-rise buildings, boilers, and offshore platforms – to name a few. The company also provides regular inspections and maintenance services to ensure that all equipment remains in optimal working condition.

According to alternative access manager for SGB-Cape, Cobus Joubert, the company is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to its customers. He explains that this new addition to the company’s service offering demonstrates its commitment to keeping its clients safe.

“All equipment and components we supply are manufactured to the highest industry standards and are independently tested to ensure their performance and reliability. The fall arrest systems service is a comprehensive solution that ensures that employees of the construction, mining and oil and gas sectors are protected from falls, which are one of the leading causes of injury and death in the industry,” he explains.

“We are confident that our Fall Arrest Systems service will provide our customers with an effective and reliable solution for fall protection in the workplace, and will help them to comply with industry regulations and best practices,” he concluded.

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