Victoria Falls raises entry fees

Zimbabwe’s National Parks and Wildlife Authority (Zimparks) will raise the conservation fees for accessing Victoria Falls National Park from April 1. This decision was made despite the previous backlash from stakeholders who claimed they were not consulted earlier this year when Zimparks first proposed the increase.

Back in December, the Tourism Business Council of Zimbabwe (TBCZ) voiced its opposition to the proposed increase. “We urgently request a reconsideration of the announcement, and propose that the implementation be postponed until the end of the 2023,” said TBCZ at the time.

Although the suggestion was taken into account, the fee hike was ultimately postponed until the second quarter of this year.

Under the new tariffs, international tourists will be charged US$50, while SADC residents will pay US$30, and Zimbabwe residents US$10 per person per visit. Children under the age of five will be exempt and those aged 6-12 will pay half the adult fee. The Lunar Rainbow gate entry fee has increased to US$100 per person.

Entering through the VIP gate will now be US$30 for locals, US$75 for SADC clients and US$150 for international tourists.

Zimparks DG, Dr Fulton Mangwanya, emphasised that the conservation fee for the Rainforest gate, aimed at supporting domestic tourism, would remain at its current rate of US$7.

The increase in conservation fees is expected to provide critical support for the ongoing recovery of Zimbabwe’s tourism sector, while Zimparks continues to preserve the natural heritage and protected parks.

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