OR Tambo upgrades and refurbishments ‘on track’

Projects to upgrade OR Tambo International Airport (JNB), which include the replacement of ageing parking equipment and the revamping of important infrastructure, remains on track, according to General Manager Jabulani Khambule.

“We currently have a total of more than 12 000 parking bays available and operational at OR Tambo, and the infrastructure upgrade will ensure that passengers and visitors to our airport can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience, whether making use of our short-term or long-term parking facilities.”

The revamped parking system now includes multiple payment options, additional high-tech security elements, round-the-clock surveillance and variable parking fees.

Khambule further noted that the relocation of public transport operators such as e-hailing, shuttles and meter taxis was one of the interventions that the airport had embarked on to ease traffic congestion on the roadways.

“The central pick-up and drop-off, Parkade 2 – Level 2, is the designated area that enables passengers to swiftly get into their preferred transport and effortlessly leave the airport as well as seamlessly be dropped off and gain access to the terminal,” he added.

Focus projects for 2023

Khambule highlighted the following additional focus projects to be conducted at OR Tambo:

  • Refurbishment of the roofs

“Our maintenance and engineering team will be revamping the roofs in a phased approach in the various parts of the airport.”

He told reporters at an Acsa media briefing that the roofs’ refurbishments would be completed by October.

  • Ablution facility revamp

Following concerns from passengers and airport users, Khambule announced that the airport would be revamping its ablution facilities.

“This will be a live project, which means that while the maintenance is taking place we will have to completely close off certain ablution facilities and do the construction, then open it up when the work has been completed. I know this may inconvenience some of our passengers because they will have to walk a little bit further to the next ablutions and we apologise for this. I request that you be patient for us as we improve our service and facilities.”

The ablution facilities’ revamp will be also finished around October.

  • Development of the intermodular transport facility

Facilities particularly aimed at airport employees will also be developed. “These are areas wherein airport workers can take a taxi in a convenient and safe environment,” Khambule concluded.

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